The ICOs’ Craze: How to Avoid Getting Scammed

The idea of coming up with ICOs as a way of crowdfunding for blockchain projects was brilliant. Borrowing heavily from the IPO models, it eased the way raising funds from all corners of the world for major projects. Investors from all over could now invest in their projects of choices without worrying about geographical limitations or extraneous verifications strenuous processes. As a form of crowdfunding, Icos elevated the financial industry to another level. However, it could be a curse in disguise. This is how……

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Hello! You Can Mine Bitcoins on Your iPhone Now

When you think of Bitcoin mining, what goes through your head? Well, to most people, a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) could be the first thing that comes to mind. As much as that may be true, we cannot ignore the fact that we have advanced tremendously in technology. Do you know that now you can now mine bitcoin while on the move? Surprised? Well, all you need is an iPhone X or 8! It is straightforward, and you can start making mining bitcoin coins any moment you have extra time.

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Bitcoin Predictions 2018: Bitcoin to Hit $100,000

Well, Bitcoin prices have plummeted in the last two months or so. The turn of events could have discouraged those who entered the market while the currency was at its highest- above $10,000. But this does not mean it is all bad for the bitcoin. The good news is still very positive. In fact, prices seem to have stabilized for the last few weeks. The prices have also risen from trading $6,000 deep to above $8,000 as write this article. But what are the experts saying about 2018?

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Hacks to Maximize Cryptocurrency Trading

2017 Bitcoin frenzy has spilled over into 2018, and people are going crazy about cryptocurrency. Have you heard of the number of new investors this year? Well, various reports put it at millions of investors. But how real is this euphoria? The market projections are very positive based on the 2017’s bitcoin bullish explosion. In fact, Bitcoin is the most discussed topic this year so far. Please check this article we did a while back about  5 Cryptocurrency Predictions 2018.  Below are hacks to help investors make a kill from the current euphoria?

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Secrets To Making Super Profit in Cryptocurrency

How real that people are making millions by trading cryptocurrencies and more so Bitcoin? Well, the truth is that not everyone is making the so-called ‘super profits.’ We cannot ignore the factor that some traders are making very little profits if not losses. Now the question is how comes two people operating in the same environment are getting way two different results? What are they doing right or wrong? In an ideal situation, such traders should have very small or insignificant profit margins.

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Introducing: C.A.T.

If you are somehow related to the internet then you would have definitely listened about the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency and how people are making thousands of dollars in a single night by selling and buying Bitcoins. But these trading systems require a lot of efforts and time, and humans can make some bad decisions due to their human weakness and emotional behaviors. So in this situation, Bitcoin trading bots are the true helpers. Yes, this news is true but this Bitcoin trading is not as simple as it seems. Like any other field of business, there are some issues that only an experienced seller or trader can know and utilize those for his own benefit. If you are looking for the best Bitcoin Bot then we are happy to introduce you to the C.A.T Bot, most amazing and user friendly Bitcoin bot that is going to be the wolf of Wallstreet.

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