Why CAT Bot is the Future of Bitcoin Trade

If you have been trading virtual currency, you must have noticed the influx of bot platforms in the last 5 years. Today we have hundreds on them. Although it’s a demand-driven platform as most investors opt for automated trading, not every framework will provide you with desired results. Four years shy of their existence, CAT has made tremendous gains to be one of the best performing and resilient bots the market have ever seen. But what has made CAT this strong to the point of being referred to as the future of bot platform? Well, we are going to look at the key features that make CAT bot stand out.

We are going to look at 4 key features that are making CAT investors’ best option for automated Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies trading.

CAT bot is Ease of Use

Trading Bitcoins any other alto coin is never that easy, especially for the newbies. Although bots designis to ease the process, some of them are still difficult to work with. Fortunately, CAT bot has improved several times to enhance user experience. In fact, it has been updated than 50 times since its introduction. That’s how committed the team behind it is. The platform comes out friendlier with every update. Today, it is one of platforms that enable even newbies to start making passive profits by just learning few basic tips.

Availability and Durability

One of the major shortcomings of most automated trading frameworks is regular downtimes. Some of them cannot host a huge number of traders at a go. This basically affects investors’ ability to grow their investment. But for this Bitcoin bot, it is available 24x7x365. With this platform, you have a chance to make passive profits throughout the year without any hitches. The platform is extremely durable and not prone to unplanned downtimes. You can rely on it 99.999 percent unlike most of the competing platforms.


CAT bot has Rich User Interface

The quality of platform interface is a key feature that attracts users. Anyway, who would waste their time on an interface that is difficult to work with? Well, for the CAT bot platform, it has one of the richest interfaces. In fact, it has an attractive and highly customized graphical user interface. It provides rich interactions that make it easy for the users to trade with a lot of ease. You can also monitor how you are doing promptly with just a press of a button. You can quickly set trading limits as you wish for safe trading.

CAT is Extreme Flexibility

When it comes to flexibility, there is a lot to say about CAT platform. First, it enables the user to automate their trades on various exchanges supports fully including Bittrex, Cryptopia, C-Cex, Binance, Kraken, HitBTC, Liqui, Poloneix and more without the need to edit configurations. This is something you’ll not find in most bots. Also, CAT bot is a java8 driven app compatible with major operating systems including windows, linux, and OS. You just need put your API keys and start trading. The platform’s security is tight, and one of the best.


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