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Bitcoin Trading Bot: How Much Can CAT Bot Earn…

Bitcoin trading has never been easy as it is with Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader bot or CAT bot. The trading bot which is relatively new in the market has been growing tremendously. For those who have been using this bot, the results have been impressive. But how much can CAT bot earn you? Well, this is a question that has been asked many times, so I’m going to provide with a concrete and straight answer to it.

But what is Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader bot? Well, it is a bitcoin trading bot that also trades other altcoins as long as your exchange supports it. In fact, the bot can support up to 100 currencies with more expected to feature in future. Among the currencies that CAT bot supports include Kcoin, Liqui, poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex and Binance amongst others. Click here for learn more about other currencies that CAT bot can support.

Before we can talk about how much the bot can earn you, it’s imperative to know how it works. Well, just like other bots, the principle of operation is not that different. Basically, a bot works by setting indicators and parameters that trigger the exchange to sell or buy the currency. Therefore, the bot will only trade in accordance with the set instructions. With that in mind, we can unravel the myths surrounding the bot earning.

It is true that crypto investors are making huge profits off bots, but there is magic as some would want to make. What you need is to be smart while trading. Set parameters are the determining factor of how much you can earn. There is no magic about it. Make sure that parameters that you have set will make you rich by earning you more profits.

It is also important to note that bots are not only designed to make profits but also to help reduce losses. If the currency starts dropping beyond the set parameter, the bot will automatically sell your coins to ensure that you don’t make losses. On the other hand, it starts buying once the value of the coin hits a certain price. That is how trading bot will keep you safe in the market.

So the answer to how much CAT bot can make you depend on the indicators and parameters that you have set. It is hugely dependent on factors such as time frame and what your bot is looking for. You could make a lot or lose some depending on the set parameter.

The fact is that you will better off with trading bot than those doing it manually. For the newbies, a trading bot is what you need to keep your crypto assets. CAT bot is definitely one of the best options you can find one market. It is a user-friendly bot thus an excellent option for both newbies and veteran traders.

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